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Clayton Homes here in Tyler

back in March of 2017 and I have HAD Problems with it from Day 1. They fixed a few things after I COMPLAINED about things, but every time they fixed something, I had another Problem and this went on for Months. Finally the Manager said they was NOT going to Repair or Replace anything ELSE. Well here we are in EARLY 2021 and THEY NEVER FIXED MY ROOF and it has been LEAKING FROM DAY 1. IT IS THE FRONT PART WHERE THEY TOWED IT, SO SOMETHING BROKE LOOSE in TRANSIT BUT They NEVER REPAIRED IT! I COMPLAINED to the Tyler Manager almost a YEAR AGO and HE said someone would Come Out and Fix it, but again NOTHING was ever Done. I COMPLAINED to the Waco PLANT for the LAST 2 Weeks with NO Commitment to FIX The LEAK - SO NOW I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW WHAT A SORRY UNRELIABLE, UNSATISFACTORY COMPANY CLAYTON HOMES IS. IF EVERYONE IS TREATED LIKE I WAS HOW ARE THEY STILL IN BUSINESS. IF I WAS YOU I WOULD NOT EVER EVER BUY A CLAYTON MANUFACTURED HOME PERIOD!!!

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Clayton Homes
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